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For thrill seeking tourists, we offer various kinds of thrilling adventurous activities in and around Delhi. We arrange hot air balloon rides, paragliding, para motoring, zip lining, camping and many more activities on request. Adventurous travellers can enjoy their time in New Delhi combining their food tours or cooking classes with any of the adventure activities mentioned above.

One of the more popular adventure tours that we arrange combines para-motoring on outskirts

para-motoring in India. Adventure tourism


of New Delhi along with an open-air barbecue and/or a cooking class. For this tour, we take our guests to a a lush green and quiet area a few kilometers outside Delhi. After a light breakfast, the guests enjoy a thrilling but safe para-motoring ride of 15-30 minutes. guests can choose to have as many rides they want. After the ride, guests can choose to indulge in sightseeing, bird watching  or learning how to cook Indian food. The tour ends with a delicious Indian meal. There is also an option of doing a food tour of Delhi.

Other adventure activities that we arrange are  zip-lining and hot-air balloon rides which we arrange on request. The latter is available only during certain times of the year depending upon the weather. The zip-lining activity  can be done alongside heritage walk and tour of an old palace hotel along with light hiking in jungles of Aravali hills. The guests can also choose to enjoy some very traditional and ethnic Indian (Rajasthani) meals in 5-star comfort.

All of the above mentioned activities (tours) need a minimum of 6 hours of more including transport. Some may involve whole day. Price for such tours begins from Rs 9000 per person (plus 3.09 % tax) and  may change according to type of activities

We also organize trekking, camping, river rafting, hiking tours in Himachal Pradesh, Uttranchal and other places across India. Just let us know what you need via following contact form and we’ll get it done in no time.

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