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Recipe : Malai Kofta

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Cooking Malai Kofta In India, The Malai Kofta was introduced by Mughals. It is a vegetarian recipe and a best alternative for meat balls. This cuisine was introduced in the 12th century. Malai is a term for cream and Kofta for dumplings. Ingredients For Gravy Cream- 125 grams. Paneer or Khoya- 75 Gms. Milk- 150 [...]

Recipe : Kachori

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Kachori Recipe Kachori is a savoury Indian snack. This snack is enjoyed with relish both at home and as a fast food snack. In-fact this snack is a staple for the Northern part of India during winters. Ingredients Urad dal- ½ cup. Green chillies and ginger paste- 3 tsps. Asafoetida- 5 pinches. Salt to taste. [...]

Recipe : Paneer Curry

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Paneer Curry Recipe The ordinary cottage cheese is called Paneer. This dish is famous all over India for it amazing taste. Though originally a North Indian dish, the entire country enjoys this dish today. Follow the ingredients: Around 200 g of Paneer. Around 2 cups of tomato puree. Around ½ teaspoon of cumin seeds. Around [...]

Recipe: Paalak Paneer

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Palak Paneer Recipe Paalak Paneer India is known for its spices and herbs. Every Indian dish has the charismatic aura. Every part of country has its own unfolding story. But the North Indian vegetarian Palak Paneer recipe has its own zeal and extravaganza of tangy taste. Ingredients Required Palak -2 Bunch Tomatoes- 2 Large Ginger [...]

Recipe: Halwa Puri

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Poori Halwa Recipe The taste of Halwa will make you experience the aura of Indian Culture. In every ethnic occasion Halwa is served as mark of respect to the ancient tradition. The soft delicacy easily pleases every age group with its mesmerizing taste. Ingredients For Halwa Rava- 1 Cup (semolina) Sugar- 1 Cup Milk- 1 [...]

Recipe : Idli

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Idlis Recipe The famous South Indian recipe of idli is eaten all over India. People of all age groups relish it as it is very soft and healthy. You can even have it when you are on a diet. Ingredients: Split black gram Some rice Fenugreek seeds Salt Preparation: Use water to soak the rice, [...]

Recipe: Dosa Sambhar

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Dosa Sambhar Recipe The recipe of dosa is from South India. However it is popular all over India. It is a crisp and delicious recipe which is easy to prepare. This whole meal can be tasted at road side stalls or at restaurants. Some vendors also sell it on cycle stalls on the streets of [...]

Recipe: Parantha

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Parantha Recipe Parantha is a very famous dish made of wheat flour and is a North Indian specialty. In North India there is a Parantha street in every nook and corner. It is not a street food but due to its popularity it is sold in big restaurants as well as on the roadside. It [...]

Recipe: Dum Aloo

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Dum Aloo Dum Aloo is a Kashmiri dish very famous for its palatable and appetizing flavor and taste. Its origin is from Kashmir and the famous Dum Aloo is sold all over the world and prepared in almost every household in India. It is served with roti, a type of bread made of wheat flour. [...]

Recipe: Kheer

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How to cook Kheer If you take a look at the traditional meaning of Kheer, it is milk. Kheer is milk pudding made out of vermicelli, broken wheat or rice garnished along with nuts and raisins. You can add a dash of saffron to give that beautiful color to the kheer. It is mostly prepared [...]