Meet The Chef & Kitchen Tours

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Observe and learn the secrets of some of best chefs in Delhi by meeting them and attending kitchen tours of top quality food joints and kitchens in Delhi, Jaipur and some other cities. The chefs in these tours have decades of experience of cooking in best hotels and eateries in India as well as abroad. These [...]

Recipe : Mutton Curry

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Mutton Curry Recipe Curry means sauce in Tamil. The combination of spices with either yogurt or coconut milk depending on the regions in India is a curry, either dry or wet. Curries turned into a trend during the British times and are made out of mutton, chicken, fish, prawns, eggs and vegetables. Ingredients: 500 gms [...]

Recipe : Chicken Biryani

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Recipe Chicken Biryani Biryani has been originated in Turkey or Persia. The Muslim travelers have brought this to India and other places on the map closer to Persia. You can make a vegetable, mutton, chicken, prawn, fish biryani. The word Biryani means ‘fried before cooking’. Traditionally earthen pots were used to make biryani to bring [...]

Recipe : Meat Kebab

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Meat Kebab Recipe Kebabs are made with minced or medium sized meat. Lamb, chicken, beef, fish are the most cmmon meats used for making kebabs. In Arabic, kebab means literally means to fry. There are different kinds of kebab found around the world but originally it is from Greece. The recipe given below is of [...]

Recipe : Fried Fish

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Fried Fish Fried fish is a regular dish made all over the world in different ways its different versions are all palatable. It goes well with chips or if you want something Indian then try it with dal and rice. The delicious Indian masalas and with the rice makes it a wonderful combination. Ingredients: 1 [...]

Recipe : Poha

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Poha Recipe Poha is famous almost in every state of India, in Maharashtra poha is also eaten with jalebi. In Maharashtra, kanda poha is very popular and in fact there is a song written on poha in one of the Marathi films Ingredients 1 Cup of beaten rice. ¼ cup crushed groundnuts. ¼ cup coconut grated. [...]

Recipe : Malai Kofta

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Cooking Malai Kofta In India, The Malai Kofta was introduced by Mughals. It is a vegetarian recipe and a best alternative for meat balls. This cuisine was introduced in the 12th century. Malai is a term for cream and Kofta for dumplings. Ingredients For Gravy Cream- 125 grams. Paneer or Khoya- 75 Gms. Milk- 150 [...]

Recipe : Kachori

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Kachori Recipe Kachori is a savoury Indian snack. This snack is enjoyed with relish both at home and as a fast food snack. In-fact this snack is a staple for the Northern part of India during winters. Ingredients Urad dal- ½ cup. Green chillies and ginger paste- 3 tsps. Asafoetida- 5 pinches. Salt to taste. [...]

Recipe : Paneer Curry

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Paneer Curry Recipe The ordinary cottage cheese is called Paneer. This dish is famous all over India for it amazing taste. Though originally a North Indian dish, the entire country enjoys this dish today. Follow the ingredients: Around 200 g of Paneer. Around 2 cups of tomato puree. Around ½ teaspoon of cumin seeds. Around [...]

Recipe: Paalak Paneer

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Palak Paneer Recipe Paalak Paneer India is known for its spices and herbs. Every Indian dish has the charismatic aura. Every part of country has its own unfolding story. But the North Indian vegetarian Palak Paneer recipe has its own zeal and extravaganza of tangy taste. Ingredients Required Palak -2 Bunch Tomatoes- 2 Large Ginger [...]