Recipe: Kheer

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How to cook Kheer If you take a look at the traditional meaning of Kheer, it is milk. Kheer is milk pudding made out of vermicelli, broken wheat or rice garnished along with nuts and raisins. You can add a dash of saffron to give that beautiful color to the kheer. It is mostly prepared [...]

Recipe: Gulab Jamun

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Gulab Jamun Recipe  Gulab  means rose water and jamun is a fruit. In India it is a milk based dessert, gifted to people during religious occasions or during happy occasions. The history of gulab Jamun takes us as further as China. It could also be an Arabic dish. While the history is very vague, the taste [...]

Recipe : Moong Daal

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How to prepare Moong Dal Dal forms the most important cuisine in Indian food. The dal is prepared using various lentils and grams. These lentils and grams are excellent for health and at the same time they are delicious to have them. You can prepare the dal from various types of grams like – pigeon [...]

Cultural & Trade Events in Delhi

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Various types of events in Delhi keep people busy and entertained all through the year. New Delhi being the capital of India witnesses plays host to numerous events all through the year. All types of events ranging from local and international cultural gatherings, art exhibitions, auto and defence expos, food festivals, book and trade fairs [...]