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There is no better way to explore a city than walking through it’s streets and observing the lives of people from up close in a leisurely manner via a city walk or a food tour. Each city has it’s own culture, people, quirks of language, cuisine and other numerous way of doing things which can not be replicated elsewhere. Smaller cities  have their own very unique taste, ambiance and way of going through the day. People differ, landmarks are not same, languages have their own twists and slangs, food differs in way or preparation or recipes and various other things which make us unique and different from each other. That being understood, when it comes to larger cities like Delhi, Mumbai in India, these differences are even more stark.

Almost all big cities have a significant population of people from other places, each with their own culture, language, food etc. In case of India, where each of the 30 states have different languages, cuisines and people, even within the state, things can get really complicated. Delhi being capital of India, plays host to a very diverse group of people from all over India. We have Bengalis, Marathas, Kannadigas, Tamils, Gujaratis, Biharis, Manipuris, Odiya and many more cultures living together in the same city for generations now.

Huaz Khaas Delhi Food Tour

Huaz Khaas

Someone exploring the city in detail is likely to be bewildered by this mind-boggling variety of cultures, food, languages and people. On the other hand, someone just skimming the surface by the way of a cut and dried package tour will miss most of the amazing things which make Delhi so special.   As  Delhi is a big metropolis, you’ll need  to divide it in to some areas and explore each one. That is where Delhi food tour service comes in. Our tours explore cultural, historical and cuisine of Delhi in good detail.

Indian Food Tour Services in Delhi

Our Indian food tours and city walks  mostly cover the offbeat and less explored places of Delhi. There are so many less explored places like Galib’s Haveli, Tuglaqabad Fort, Old Fort and some more which hardly receive any attention from tourists in spite of their colourful history and beauty.   The major landmarks like Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar, Lal Qila, Akshardham Temple etc are a vital part of Delhi, but most tourists are well informed to enough to explore them on their own without much trouble. That leaves us free to design our Delhi city walk tours to be more specific and detailed than others. That doesn’t mean that we are averse to  show the major landmarks mentioned earlier. If it’s necessary or requested,  we can gladly include those in a Delhi tour.

Biryani during Indian food tour of Delhi


We don’t keep a fixed tour schedule or plan for our Delhi city walk and food walk tours as we believe in creating tailor made tours for different clients according to their preferences. Also, even if our tour can be called Delhi city walk tour, we show a lot more than what is possible if you are just  on foot. A city walk tour by us doesn’t limit you to an area which you can cover by foot. We  use vehicles wherever necessary to make sure that you cover as much places as possible. But as you can guess, there are only a limited number of places that one can explore in a given amount of time. So, our emphasis is on making our Delhi city walk tours as detailed and fun as possible rather than just skimming over it.

As one can guess, there are a number of people offering food tour services in Delhi. Some are indeed good and some are just there to make a quick buck at the client’s expense. Therefore, before choosing one, you should be careful about what you are getting for the money you pay.  Food Tour In Delhi offers you maximum quality of service at the lowest possible price with focus on Indian street food. Take your time, compare the plans, contact the service providers, then make a choice. You wouldn’t want your trip to be spoiled by something that can be avoided  easily.

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