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India is the land of a huge variety of spices and different spices used to be the largest exported commodity from India for a very long time. The flavours, aroma, colours typical to most Indian cuisines are in a large part brought by spices. For any type of cooking, proper usage of spice is more important than the number or quantity.  Different regions in India produce different types of spice and each one has a long and unique history which is not known by many people.

introduction to spicesOur Cooking Classes and Food Tours With Chefs cover most of  this information. But there are a lot of tourists, who can’t take cooking class for any reason, but still want to learn about spices and their usage. Our Introduction To Spices class is meant to cover just that. These sessions are between 40 to 90 minutes long and and are offered as addons for our food walk, shopping tour or a photography tour.

1) Detailed introduction of a few important spices, spice blends (masala) and major ingredients of Indian cooking.
2) The guests are given a gift hamper containing some essential spices and recipes.
3) Each spice introduction session is led by the expert local chefs.

For 45 minutes session INR : 1200 per participant. For 90 minutes session, INR 2200 per participant.

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