Kebabs in India

Although kebabs (pronounced as kabab) didn’t originate in India, the sheer variety available here may lead one to think that they did.  Although kebabs are popular all over the world including  Central Aisa, Iran, parts of Europe like Greece and even China; the variety of kebabs, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian available in Delhi and rest of India is unlikely to be matched anywhere else. To be fair, a number of very popular kebab dishes like Kakori kebab, Galauti kebab, burrah and kalmi did originate in India. There are cooks in Delhi which have their secret recipes for kebabs running in their families for 100s of years Kakori kebab, Galouti kebab are some of the more prominent examples. These are not available anywhere else except for very few franchised outlets outside Delhi.

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Meat kebabs

Indian cooks usually use a lot of spices and other ingredients like vegetables, yoghurt etc for imparting unique flavours.  Most common way of preparing kebabs is preparing chicken, mutton or fish in spices, oil etc and roasting or grilling over charcoal fire. A type of steamed kebab is also popular in Turkey. Most types of kebabs use small pieces of meat, but even ground meat mixed with other ingredients is used in many popular dishes

They can be served on plates or sometimes in sandwiches accompanied by one or more flavours of chutney (sauce). Kebabs are usually best savoured along with drinks or even as part of a meal.  The spices used in preparation give Indian kebabs a unique taste which is quite unique and captivating. Apart from meat kebabs, you can also enjoy vegetarian kebabs made of soybean, paneer ( a kind of cheese) and even some vegetables .   As there is no or very little use of oil and butter, you can eat them them to your fill without worrying about your weight. Our food tours in Delhi usually include at least 2-3 different varieties of kebabs along with some special breads.


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