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Her World Magazine Food Tour In Delhi

Her World Magazine Food Tour In Delhi

Hindustan times India food tour. Tourists visiting India to explore food culture

Hindustan Times India food tour

Amar Ujala India Food Tour

Amar Ujala India Food Tour

Jaipur Times 1 Dec 2015. Food tours Can't miss out on Rajasthani cuisine and shaadis, say foriegn tourists Richa Shukla   Foreigners have always been intrigued by the state's rich culture and heritage, but the latest additions to their travel itinerary are food walks and culinary lessons in the city

Jaipur Times 1 Dec 2015. Food tours

Hindustan Times . - 4 Jan 2015 - Page #6 foreigners have always been intrigued by the statr's rich culture and heritage, Mike Sorsyth and his wife Rachel are learning the art of cooking 'aloo jeera' at the Dwarka house of Rajeev Goyal, their cooking instructor. Goyal guides the couple as they struggle with the amount of turmeric to be used. The next lesson, due in half an hour, is in the preparation of bhindi (ladies' finger). - India Food Tour

Hindustan Times . – 4 Jan 2015 – Page #6 – India Food Tour

India Food Tour added, “Since we have been the trendsetter for culinary tours, we are still working on awareness for this new field that tourist should look for while travelling to india. Globally, Indian cuisine in not new, but when international tourists come to India the big question for travellers is 'what and where to eat'? In recent years, we have noticed the three fold change in number of travellers looking for these kinds of culinary tours in India.” Globally, international travellers are very familiar with the north Indian cuisine. The food trails in India also shows similar trends. Delhi and Rajasthan have emerged as the most favourable destinations for culinary tourism, whereas cities like Mumbai have now started to tantalise some taste buds of international travellers. Goyal said, “Delhi, Rajasthan are major popular destination for food/culinary tour as of now but I see big potential in almost all states as food and its preparation varies in each state of India. We have a strong presence in Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Varanasi, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Mumbai, and we have package tours in all these cities. Our very popular tour is the ‘Golden Samosa’ which is for Delhi, Agra, Jaipur.”

T3_Travel Mazine Nov 2016 Culinary Tourism

SUNDAY GUARDIAN 15 January 2017 India Food Tour Tour of Delhi with a Chef Different and interesting from other food walks, this special food walk is led by a chef. A food tour of Delhi with a local chef Rajeev, will provide you with an insider’s view of the city’s food culture, food joints, kitchens and related businesses. As it is conducted by a chef with a wide knowledge of city and its cuisine, the walk is bound to be enriching. Rajeev is passionate about his craft and taking people along the food walk from six years. Don’t get deterred by the 7-hour duration of the walk as the overall experience is totally worth having. Around 18-20 dishes from 8-10 food joints are included in the walk, with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian delights on offer. At Rs 7,000, this walk can be customised. For bookings you may email the chef at:

SUNDAY GUARDIAN 15 January 2017 India Food Tour

Mail Today 6 Jan Food Tour In Delhi During each tea tasting sessions, the guests have the chance to taste 3-10 different types of teas depending up on duration of session chosen. These tea tasting sessions, in which up to 10 varieties of teas are tasted, can also be combined with their food tours or photography tours for certain group sizes. If you want to spice up you weekends with something more novel, try the 'Introduction to Spices' tour which are offered as add ons of the food walk, shopping tour or a photography tour. Each such session is held in Khari Baoli, India's biggest spice market. "Since it's the capital of country, we are busy all around but you see more traffic in cold weather like beginning of October and March," says Goyal who is a connoisseur and an excellent guide of the Indian cuisine.

Mail Today 6 Jan Food Tour In Delhi

Durga Puja Food Walk on Hindustan Times

Hindustan Times coverage of Durga Puja Food Walk on 15th October 2018