Recipe: Kheer

How to cook Kheer

If you take a look at the traditional meaning of Kheer, it is milk. Kheer is milk pudding made out of vermicelli, broken wheat or rice garnished along with nuts and raisins. You can add a dash of saffron to give that beautiful color to the kheer. It is mostly prepared in South India but equally famous all across the country. It serves as excellent dessert for every party.


  • Milk – 1 cup

  • Half cup of rice, broken wheat or vermicelli (in case of rice or broken wheat you need to wash and soak them)

  • 8 cardamoms – peeled and powdered

  • Soak 20 strands of saffron in 2-3 tablespoon of hot milk

  • 6-7 table spoon of sugar along with 14 almonds and 12 pistachios


  • Simmer the milk for sometime after you boil it.

  • Now coarsely grind the rice or broken wheat after draining the water.

  • Now add the coarsely ground rice or wheat and normal vermicelli to the milk along with sugar.

  • Stir the milk non-stop so that rice, wheat or vermicelli does not stick to the pan.

  • Now add saffron and powdered cardamoms.

  • Boil till the milk thickens.

  • Serve hot or cold and garnish with almonds and pistachios.

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