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Street food is something about which different people have different feelings. Some people are wary of eating out in open, mostly standing and surrounded by others. Others have concern about hygiene and cleanliness. These are valid points but most important one is that no one can deny that the flavours and innovation offered by street  food vendors are hard to  replicate in fancy restaurants.  Street food is not only cheap but also very delicious. As far as cleanliness is concerned, most vendors worth their salt have better standards than many of established food joints. You can see the food being prepared and cooking conditions with your own eyes. It’s unlike most established restaurants.  In most cases, the cooking recipe is in the vendors family for generations and is zealously guarded just the way MNCs like Coca Cola, KFC etc. guard their own recipes.

Indian street food in Delhi

Sabudana Vada, indian street foodDelhi in particular is blessed with a mind boggling of street food from all over India as well as some from abroad. The list of just Indian street food available here can easily fill a page or two, but some of more popular traditional Indian street food snacks are Gol Gappe, Aaloo Tikki, Chole Bhatoore, Dahi Bhalle, Poori Kachori, Chaat, Samosa, Bhel poori,  kathi roll, Pakode with different stuffings and many many more. Different varieties of chaat are the most popular among street food items.  Considering the numerous variations available, neither one of which looks, tastes or smell like any other, it’s no surprise. You can have you pick  from dahi vada, gol gappa, aaloo tikki, dahi bhalla and many many more, depending upon your cravings.Momos (dumplings) along with some other Chinese food like Chowmein cooked in an unique Indian style has gained some popularity too.

Street food in India is eaten as a snack as well as a meal. This is not to say that you can have one smaosa (may be more) for a meal.  Although a lot of north-Indian food is fried, some lightly, other not that much, deep fried food like samosa is not good when eaten in excess. On a related note, some dishes from rest of India like dosa, idli, biryani, vada paav etc, which are considered proper meals in their places of origin are often eaten as street food snack in other places. It may get confusing for some foreigners who know a bit about Indian food but  not the fine details such as this. You need to spend some time observing the surrounding or get some one who is knowledgeable to explain all this.

Indian street foodAlmost every locality in Delhi has it’s own claim to fame in form of a good street food vendor. In fact, many people will give directions or identify a locality on basis of a famous eating joint.  Hard to believe ? Well, you should ask someone, preferably a local about Paranthe Waali Gali, Matke Waali Gali, Pan Mandi and a few more. Their only claim to fame is the delectable street food served there. Old Delhi which consists of Chandani Chowk, Chawari Bazar and a few other areas is the main hub of most street food available in Delhi. Some of street food vendors there have been in business for generations now.   Even after opening of countless branded food chains in prime locations and truckloads of money spent on promotion and advertisements, Indian street food has retained it’s popularity and is infact getting popular in other countries. Unfortunately, a lot of Indian food businesses in foreign countries are run by people from other countries who haven’t been to India ever. The food served there is only a very poor imitation of real Indian food.

To properly enjoy Indian food, specially Indian street food,  you need to visit India and taste the original at least once. Mail us at for more infomation.

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