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Delhi Food Tour on 28th December 2017

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Tour Type: Delhi Food Tour. Link Guest Name:  Nic Tutone, Annlee Dolan, Steven Edwards and Karen Moore Tour Date : 24th December 2017 Nic and Annlee had booked this tour on Viator  a few days in advance. Karen booked her slot by phoning us in the morning. In total, we visited 9 different food places and tasted 29 [...]

Private Delhi Food Tour for Marie and Scott

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Tour Type: Delhi Food Tour. Link Guest Name:  Marie Parrett, Scott Edward Button Tour Date : 18th December 2017 This food tour was arranged specially for Marie Parrett, Scott Edward Button who wanted a private food tour in New Delhi starting late afternoon. Bhaturay, Kulcha with cholay , cooked on charcoal fire Tasting Kulia Ki Chaat [...]

Food Tour of New Delhi with Andrew Troicki

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Tour Type: Delhi Food Tour. Lead Guest Name: Andrew Troicki Tour Date : 22 October 2014 Review:  Well Worth It We did an extended food tour that incorporated some photography and were highly impressed by the food & our guide Jaidev. Most of the places we went to were completely out of the way and would never [...]

Delhi Food Tour with Nick and Gordon

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Tour Date : 3rd January 2016 Tour Type: Delhi Food Tour. Link Guest Names:  Nick Johns and Gordon Roper Freshly baked Naan Khatais, a type of short bread from a roadside vendor Tasting traditional Indian icecream (kulfi) Telephone company workers repairing an underground cable in Old Delhi

Delhi Food Tour with Mirte, Durry & Suzanna

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Tour Type: Delhi Food Tour. Lead Guest Names: Mirte Postema, Durry Morris & Suzanna Lauterbach Tour Date : 4 October 2014 This food tour had two children including one toddler. We don't get many children on our food tours, so this tour was a bit different from our other tours. Review:  Great way to see Dehli and [...]

Delhi Food Tour with Hazlina

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Tour Date : 21st November 2016 Tour Type: Delhi Food Tour. Link Guest Name:  Hazlina Jamaludin and one friend Review: Recommended for those who has a love for FOOD and CULTURE This would have to be one of the highlights of our India trip. Communications prior to the tour was prompt, fuss free and easy. It was also great [...]

Delhi Food Tour with Judy Pettiford

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Tour Type: Delhi Food Tour. Link Guest Name:  Judy Pettiford family and friends Tour Date : 27 September 2015 Description of the tour by guest: After some toing and froing between our guides we met up with Rajeev and JD from Food Tour in Delhi at about 3.00pm. Exuberant Rajeev and the quieter JD were to lead us through [...]