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A few days back, we received an invite for a talk on health benefits of green tea. As we have just started offering tea tasting sessions in our tours, we thought that it will be an interesting event to attend. The venue was Cha Bar in Oxford Book Store, Connaught Place and the speakers were Dr. Varun Katyal, a dermatologist  and Ms. Tracey Poole, director of Six Senses Spa.

Everything was ready by 3 pm, but true to cliche, most invitees strolled in up to 30-45 minutes late. We took this opportunity to exchange notes with Dr. Katyal, Ms Poole and meet the organisers from Good Word Media and Typhoo tea including Ms. Anushua. The event began with Dr. Katyal and Ms. Poole explaining the health benefits of green tea and how it’s anti-oxidants may help in preventing aging, prevent cancer and various other disease and so on. Some of the benefits explained in the talk sounded too good to be true and some of the invitees did ask if green tea was just another temporary fad like drinking lots of water, flax seeds etc. Apart from that, it was an informative talk and the questions asked by the audience were answered patiently and in detail by both speakers. Interesting thing that we learned was that you have to brew the tea in hot water for 3-4 minutes rather than just boil it to get the best results.

Following is the press release provided by the organisers :

Spring of life
Typhoo presented a talk on the healing powers of Green Tea by dermatologist Varun Katyal and Tracey Poole Director SIX SENSES SPA, Jaypee Greens Golf and SPA Resort

New Delhi, 12th August, 2014: A ritual, a cleaner, an appetiser, a drink – tea is different things to different people, but always a preferred beverage. Imagine magnifying these preferences many times over and we have Green Tea with its stupendous health benefits. In an in-depth talk held at the Cha Bar on 12th August,2014 by Typhoo,stalwarts Tracey Poole and Dr. Varun Katyal shared their knowledge on the holistic benefits of Green Tea on the mind and body, beauty and skincare. Classic Assam Tea

Typhoo’s Green Tea range are a refined experience of mellow flavours and ample wellbeing. A gentle touch of goodness, these antioxidant rich brews are free from sugar, caffeine, preservatives and artificial flavouring. Even as they serenade taste buds with their freshness. Typhoo’s Green Tea variants reflect the true spring of life, Typhoo Green Tea Moroccan Mint is doused in a kick of mint, Typhoo Pure Green is blended to perfection and known for its rich content of unique catechins. Typhoo Green Tea Lemongrass is infused with the intriguing herbal, lemony fragrance of lemongrass; Typhoo Green Tea Jasmineis mesmerizingly delicious and breezy with the floral taste of Jasmine.

Typhoo has indulged tea enthusiasts and refined tea drinking experience the world over since its inception in the UK in 1903. With a portfolio of 12 brands and over 400 products, Typhoo is being enjoyed in more than 50 countries including USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa. Defining the changing tastes and preferences of the urban Indian consumers, Typhoo the third largest brand from UK and the over 100 year iconic British brand brings this refreshing, rejuvenating experience to India with a variety of high quality specialty teas, and 100% natural fruit infusions. Typhoo is available at leading F&B stores in Delhi, Mumbai, NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Coimbatore, Goa, Hyderabad and Chandigarh.

About Dr. Varun Katyal: Dr.VarunKatyal is a renowned Dermatologist, Cosmetologist& Anti-ageing Specialist. He practises at The Skin Centre; Delhi. He has the rare distinction of being one of the very few in India to have successfully completed a certification in Anti-ageing Medicine.Dr.Katyal has an unparalleled passion for his work and his patients. Due to this strDr. Varun Katyal Dermatologist & Wellness Expert with Tracey Poole Director of SIX SENSES SPA,Jaypee Greens Golf and SPA Resort.ong belief in adopting a holistic and integrative approach to skin care, dermatology, anti-ageing, beauty and health for his patients, he also obtained certifications in Nutrition, Fitness and Pranic Healing.

About Ms. Tracey Poole: Tracey has an extensive career history dedicated to the Spa and Hospitality industry with many years working in luxury iconic five star Hotels, Spas and Hospitality industry with many years working in luxury iconic five star Hotels, Spas and Resorts. Her career has spanned over 20 years in the industry and has included many dynamics from Spa brand and business development, Spa operations management; conception and including pre and post opening of luxury iconic Spa & Wellness facilities. She is a trained Aesthetician and a graduate of the N.Z. Institute of Aesthetics and Electrolysis. Her current role of over 5 years is with the globally recognized Six Senses Resorts and Spas group. Tracey is currently working in India as the Spa Director facilitating the role out and development of Six Senses Spa’s in India. Tracey has enjoyed many years working abroad much of it within multi-cultural environments, she brings years of experience working in Asia. Her years of experience in the luxury Hospitality and Spa industry has provided her with strong expertise in leading her teams to deliver outstanding guest service, consistency of service delivery and operational Spa efficiency.

About Cha Bar: Cha Bar is the first of its kind urban contemporary space that created a rage in Kolkata in year 2000, turning tea from a dry page in history to a lifestyle drink! Ms Priti Paul’s brainchild backed by generations of Apeejay Surrendra Group’s experience in tea plantation business, Cha Bar was created as an integral part of more than 90 years old iconic Oxford Bookstore in city centre Park Street. The concept was expanded pan India integrated into Oxford Bookstores and customers loved the experience of being able to browse at leisure, leafing through the books of their choice, over a cup of tea from the wide selection available at the Cha Bar or simply unwinding with friends sipping the rejuvenating beverage, iced or piping hot!
Whether one prefers a rich, full-bodied, strong flavour, or a light fragrant taste, the Cha Bar offers a wide and enviable choice. Cha Bar believes that there is indeed nothing quite like a good cup of tea so every cup of blend we serve has journeyed, be it from the dhabas in India or from across the Globe from other cultures. Today, Cha Bar offers this experience at Oxford Bookstores across multiple stores in Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi.

Overall a well organised event with good speakers and interesting information in a nice venue.

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