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Travel in India during monsoons

One of the most common questions that  tourists ask is whether it is OK to  travel in India during monsoons, the rainy season in the sub-continent. This isn’t exactly for no particular reason. A random flood or land slide can spoil any well planned travel itinerary. But the good news is that travel in India during monsoon season can be advantageous for a number of reasons. Travelers can get great discounts  on air fares, hotels and also enjoy their sightseeing without getting bothered by peak season crowds.

Before going further, let us explain a little about monsoons in India.

India is a vast country and is classified as a sub-continent not only due to it’s big size but also the large diversity in terms of landscapes. Snow covered Himalayan mountains in north, shimmering Thar deserts in west, tropical forests in east, temperate coastal conditions in south and more, these all provide travelers with a wide variety of options and time periods in which to explore the country. Thus there is no set or optimal time to visit India. Different regions have different ‘peak-seasons’ , but that deserves another article by itself.

Raneh waterfalls during monsoon season, khajuraho, India. Travel in India during monsoons

Raneh waterfalls during monsoon season, khajuraho, India

Monsoon is the rainy season which lasts from June to September in different parts of India. Southern India is the first to experience first monsoon showers in early June and as it travels northwards, northern parts get it by late June or early July. Not every place experiences equal rainfall or at same schedule. Different places have different experiences with monsoon rains. It plays a very important part in economy and lives in the continent. A good monsoon season is vital for farmers, industries and even the common man for a huge number of reasons and thus plays a very important role in lives of the people.

The arrival of monsoon rains marks the end of dry, hot and oppressive Indian summer and makes the weather cooler and surroundings much more green, misty and beautiful. Indian people like rains and one can see them enjoying the rainfall by getting soaked in the cooling rain showers. Combination of Chai ( type of milky Indian tea) and Pakoda (a fried salty snack) is just one of many popular snacks popular during rainy season.

Here is brief guide explaining how travel in India during monsoon season can be fun, cheap and one of a kind experience

Advantages of travel in India during monsoons

1) Lush greenery and cool weather of rainy season

In India, everything comes to life during monsoons. The weather is pleasant, cool winds blow almost all day long and the surroundings are covered with new greenery which is a good sight for sore eyes.  Places like Kerala, Western Ghats, parts of eastern and central India are even more beautiful during rainy season due to clouds, mist and greenery. Many rivers are in full flow and this results in spectacular waterfalls.

2) Cleansing season

Rains of monsoons are considered to have a cleansing effect on everything, Pollution due to dust particles and smoke is minimal and people are generally more comfortable in this weather.  Ayurvedic tourism during monsoon is getting very popular these days in form of detoxification
treatments. A lot of fresh herbs essential for certain ayurvedic practices grow only during monsoons and the rains seem to have a good effect on the efficacy of certain plants.

3) Discounts in hotels, airlines

A lot of airlines and hotels offer massive discounts during monsoons which can really decrease your travel expenses. As most people prefer to stay indoors during rains, tourist traffic is much less and you can enjoy your trip in comparative peace and leisure.

4) Different landscapes, weather and schedules

Owing to varied landscapes and weather in different regions of India, tourists can plan their trip all year round. A traveler in India is not bound to calendar or weather reports to enjoy his journey.

Precautions for travelers in India during monsoons

Here are some precautionary measures that the travelers should take while traveling in India during monsoons:

1) Be careful about water

Don’t drink tap water or even from water bodies like lakes and rivers during rainy season. Stick to bottled or filtered water.

2) Plan road trips carefully

Mountainous regions are very prone to road blockages due to landslides, flash floods etc during rainy season. Plans your road trips accordingly.

3) Be wary of critters

Bugs are other critters like mosquitoes, snakes etc can be a nuisance during rainy season. Take care to protect yourself from such unwelcome company.

4) Wild life parks are closed

Most of national parks and wild-life areas are no go areas for tourists during monsoons. So if you are looking for a jungle safari, confirm the availability and slots in advance

That’s all that we have to say about travel in India during monsoons for now. We hope that this article proves useful for some people. Feel free to contact us for feedback or more information about planning your trip to Delhi or any part of India during monsoon season.

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