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Why Food Tour in Delhi is the best culinary tour service

There are many tour operators in Delhi, which offer almost similar city walks and food tour services as we do. Some of them provide very good service too. Then why should you choose us over any other ? Here are some unique and extra services offered by us that will help you make the decision:

1) Sightseeing, food, city walks and much more Tour of spice market in Delhi

Our tours focus not just food but also the sights and experience. A food tour with us includes extras like city walk, tour of special bazars like Spice Market (biggest in India), tour of some beautiful attractions cycle rickshaw rides, glimpses in to the kitchens and much more. Unlike every other tour, we provide food, sightseeing as well as a bit of adventure all in one package.

2) Low Price and Longer Duration

We offer the best possible food tour service which includes unlimited food, drinks, transport in air-conditioned vehicles, bottled water, wet-wipes, sanitizer and more at lowest possible price. No other tour operator is even close to providing everything that we do. Our tours are not limited by group size either.

3) Highly customized food tours

As our focus is on the individual guests instead of a large group of tourists consisting of mutual strangers, we design our tours around the guest instead of the other way around. No two city walk and food tours by us are exactly alike in terms of food, places visited etc. The food preferences of every single guest are taken in to account before suggesting or serving anything.

4) Pick up and drop from hotel or airport

Unlike almost every other food tour operator we offer pick up and drop from hotel and airport in air conditioned vehicles. Cost for this service is included in the price quoted, unless the distances are too large. In that case, we will mention it before we confirm the tour.

5) More than just Old Delhi

Certain areas of Old Delhi are best in terms of food and a large portion of our own food tours covers the huge variety of food served there. But there is a lot more to Delhi cuisine than just Old Delhi and we cover a very large area of Delhi during our tours to maximise your Indian food experience. This is in stark contrast to majority of other city walk and food tour operators who focus on just a particular area for a tour.

6) Focus on a wide variety of Indian food and complete Indian experience

Our focus has always been on Indian cuisine, with emphasis on street food. But not all items served in our food tours belong to street food category either. We have carefully short listed some very specific items which cover best of Indian cuisine irrespective of the type of place they are served. No fancy tea tasting or uppity fine-dining or exclusively street food tours which hardly provide actual real India experience which most tourists strive for.

7) Hygiene

Many people don’t associate street food with hygiene. But we make best efforts to ensure that the food we serve during the food tours is hygienic and safe to eat for all of our guests. We choose only a limited number of vendors who are well known for their quality of food, taste as well as cleanliness.

8) Trust and safety

Unlike many other tour operators and guides, we don’t receive any commission from any business we refer our guests to. Our aim is to provide best Indian experience to our guests. You can confirm the quality of our services via reviews and testimonials written by our guests on our pages at TripAdvisor, Google Plus and more.

One of better food tours in India

Don’t take what we say at face value. Go around and search for better deals. In our food tours, you’ll have the real India experience which is much sought after but rarely achieved. You’ll see, smell, touch and taste the authentic Indian food as it’s cooked and eaten by millions of Indians daily.  Sure, we could go the snob way as some of our competitors have gone and make you ‘taste’ tea and eat food of doubtful authenticity and flavours in faux fine-dining restaurants. But this silly tea tasting and so-called fine dining is just laziness and snobbery that most Indians and genuine travelers don’t care about.

What is the point of having Indian food in fancy restaurants, that too in India when you can have the food of similar quality your own country ?  There are dozens if not hundreds of restaurants serving Indian food in almost every big city across the world. We have tasted this so called Indian food in numerous countries which include Germany, Egypt, UK, Turkey, France, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand, Spain, Italy, Greece and many more and always ended up disappointed. Very few restaurants can come even close to preparing real Indian food for which it is justly famous   Do you really want the same one size fit all kind of bland food when you are visiting India or want to have a taste of real Indian food as it is supposed to be with all of it’s flavours ?

Our Indian food tours offer all the luxuries and safety while providing the real Indian food and culture experience. Unlike normal food tour services, we focus on more than a single locality of Delhi city and try to cover as much places as possible spread over the whole city. As mentioned earlier, our food tours give you the chance to taste the best of traditional as well as modern Indian cuisines. Not only you’ll have some exotic Indian food  like matar kachauri, paapri chaat but also some modern Indian concoctions like fruit kulfi, dozens of varities of kabas (kebabs) and much much more. The variety of food that you can have is limited only by your appetite, not our food tour plans.

It’s highly unlikely that you will find something better than our food tours in Delhi.
Contact us if you need more information or want to book a food tour. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

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