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Delhi has a history that goes back thousands of years. It’s been heart of India and a melting pot of a mind-boggling variety of cultures from all over the world for centuries. Not only Indians, but even foreigners from various diverse locations came here and made this city their home.

This influx of diverse cultures has blessed this city in numerous ways, most prominent (for many) being the amazing variety of food. There are hundreds or maybe perhaps thousands of big and small eating joints where you can find any kind of food to tickle your palate, only if you know where to look. Unfortunately even die-hard local foodies are unaware of most of such less famous places. Apart from food, there are so many less known but amazing attractions about which even the residents of Delhi don’t know about. We intend to change this by promoting and arranging Indian food tours for adventurous explorers and foodies who are always on the look out for something new and delicious. We at are foodies and explorers ourselves and our aim is to help others explore the flavours and unseen corners of this amazing city.


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Rajeev Goyal

Rajeev has worked as an international marketing executive, entrepreneur, chef and restaurant owner. His work in international marketing took him to numerous countries around the world. In these journeys, he always missed the real taste of authentic Indian food even in so called Indian restaurants. This prompted him to start a service which presented the authentic flavours of Indian food to international visitors in a fun way. His love for Delhi and knowledge of best food joints in Delhi and their specialties is unrivaled. He can eat up to 40% of his own body weight in one day.

Jaidev Jamwal

Jaidev is a former IT guy with standard background in electronics, computer networks etc. He loves photography, reading, traveling, food, in no particular order. He is responsible for most of background work like website, promotions, research, design, writing etc. His love for travel, photography and curiosity about trying new things brought him to this field. You can read his travelogues and other stuff that interests him at his website:

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