Delhi Heritage Walks

Delhi is an ancient city with history going back to 3000 BC. It has been mentioned extensively in numerous Indian epics like Mahabharat. But the Delhi we see and know about from written records starts from 736 AD. The city has been built, destroyed and rebuilt numerous times. According to popular folklore, Delhi was site of seven different cities between 3000 BC and 17th century AD. But when we count the smaller settlements around the area, there are atleast fifteen.

This ancient history and influx of people from all over the world has given Delhi a culture and heritage matched by only a handful of places. Delhi is one of very few places where the ancient and modern co-exist side by side complementing each other perfectly. Our heritage walks of Delhi are a perfect way of exploring this amalgam of old traditions, modern development and the unique heritage which makes it so interesting. These heritage walks are a perfect way to explore some of the lesser visited places and gain a new insight about the history, people and sights of Delhi city.

Culinary Heritage Walk:

Make your food tour of Delhi city even more interesting and informative by combining following food tours with a detailed introduction about the culinary and historical heritage of the city. Please click this link for more information about food tours.

  • 4 Hours  Food & Heritage Walk of Old Delhi : Cost INR 5000 per person
  • 8 Hours Food & Heritage Tour of Old Delhi & New Delhi : Cost INR 10000 per person.

Old Delhi Heritage Walk :
Old Delhi was founded by Mughal emperor Shahjanha in 1639 as Shahjanabad in 1639. It is now a crowded and lively place with old houses, dozens of special markets dealing in stuff like spices, metal, clothing, flowers and many others. There are a number of old structures, streets and other landmarks with interesting tidbits of history spread all over. A heritage walk of Old Delhi helps you discover all these hidden aspects of history of the place. It is a great choice for people interested in history of Shahjanabad as well as photographers.

  • 4 hours Heritage Walk  of Old Delhi : Cost INR 4000 per person

Agra Tours

  • Pickup and drop from Agra
    • With Photography guide:  INR 9500 per person on purchase of two tickets.  INR 14000 for a solo tour.
    • With Sightseeing guide: INR 7500 per person on purchase of two tickets.  Solo tour for INR 12000
  • Pickup and drop from Delhi can be arranged for INR 8500 extra for 1 to 4 guests.

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