Jaipur Tours

Jaipur is one of most popular tourist destinations in India and part of famous Golden Triangle tourist circuit for good reason. In addition to normal sightseeing, you can make your trip even better by doing a food tour, photo walk or by learning to cook a few of the delicious food items of local Rajasthani cuisine in a cooking class. The food walks can be a part of your sightseeing tour and help you discover cuisine as well as some must visit tourist attractions of the Pink City at the same time.

Jaipur Food Tours

A food tour in Jaipur covers a few snacks and meal items for some of the oldest and must visit eateries in the city. This is an excellent way of wandering around the winding streets of this colourful and historic city, take a few pictures, take in the sights and enjoy the authentic local food.

  • Average Duration: 5-6 Hours.
  • Number of food dishes included: 12-16 food items from 6-8 food shops.
  • Cost:  INR 6000 per ticket on purchase of 2 or more. INR 7000 for solo guest.
  • Places visited: Walled city of Jaipur in addition to a few landmarks which differ according to season timings.
  • Transport: Pickup and drop from walled city provided.
  • Booking:  Use contact form .

Jaipur Cooking Classes

A cooking class in Jaipur is a great way for food lovers to learn to cook and eat some authentic local food with locals as they do. These cooking classes are held in home of a local family where they teach their guests about nuances of local cooking techniques.

  • Average Duration: 4-5 Hours.
  • Number of food dishes included: 8-12 north Indian and Rajasthani food dishes. Differs according to season.
  • Cost:  INR 5000 per ticket on purchase of 2 or more. INR 6000 for solo guest.
  • Transport : Pickup and drop in an air-conditioned car from most places in walled city.
  • Booking:  Use contact form.

Jaipur Photo Walks

Why do a plain sightseeing tour in Jaipur when you can do a photo walk ? A photo walk in Jaipur helps you discover the sights, people, culture and details of the city which most tourists never see. There are multiple types of photo walks and city tours available which can be customised according to your preferences.

  • Average Duration: 5-6 Hours.
  • Cost:  INR 6500 per ticket on purchase of 2 or more. INR 7500 for solo guest.
  • Places visited: Jaipur streets, bazaars, Hawa Mahal, Galta ji Temple and a few other places depending upon timings.
  • Transport: Pickup and drop provided within walled city.
  • Booking:  Use contact form

Important Information

  1. In addition to the services mentioned on this page, custom tour activities are available on request.
  2. All tours include cost of entry fees of monuments, food and non-alcoholic drinks unless mentioned otherwise.
  3. Schedule and itinerary of some activities depends upon factors such as weather, availability, traffic etc.
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