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We visited Rajdhani restaurant in Connaught Place, New Delhi a few days back to check out their thaali. They don’t serve it in between 3 pm and 6 pm. So we reached
there just a few minutes after 2 pm. We took the trouble to manage the time after coming across it on AskMe. The location is as good as it can get, in center of the city, right next to Jan Path. The place was almost full and but we managed to get a table on the upper floor. Just for the people who don’t know, Rajdhani is a famous restaurant chain, mostly famous for their different types of thaalis. We have seen them in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore among a few other places.

With so many people eating, one would have thought that the food will take a long time coming. But we couldn’t be more wrong. We had just taken our seats, when a
waiter came up with a brass “surahi” and a bowl to help us wash our hands. There was no soap, but it would have looked strange anyway. Then another one brought up some
really large steel plates and placed 7 bowls in each one. Another one served us a glass of salty chaach which is a life saver in this hot and humid weather.
A few minutes later, an army of waiters started serving food in our plates, one dish at a time. First we got a bunch of vegetables and daals, 2 of them sweet. The dishes included paneer, 2 daals, cauliflower, raita and a few others. Other waiters placed different types of breads, most of which were served with a generous serving of white butter or ghee according to choice. One bajra roti had shakkar with ghee, which was pretty popular with all of us. Then there was the staple Daal Baati Churma which is among the best that you can get in Delhi city. Rice was available in form of a thick khicdi, again with some ghee on top. In addition to all this, there were a bunch of pickles, salads, papad, pakodas and chutneys. Some of the things looked really hot and spicy like the chili chutney, but were milder than they looked.

Almost all the dishes served are fresh and taste good. The sweet curries seem a bit strange for us who have little exposure to such food, but it’s not too bad. Daal Baati Churma, as mentioned earlier is quite good, but can be made a bit more spicier to make it more authentic. They get a lot of foreigner guests who are not usually used to spicy food. So they probably keep it mild for them, but not so sure about it though. Vegetable dishes and daals are just fine, paneer being our favourite. Snack dishes papad, pakoda etc. are crunchy and taste good with chutneys.

The eating experience in Rajdhani is half about the food and the rest about the service. All this work was done by a group of well trained and efficient waiters who worked like a cohesive team. They wasted no time in serving food and providing more if someone asked for it. If the guests manage to finish something, they are right there again requesting the guests to take one more serving.  Just one serving of a thaali is enough to fill up almost any person and most of the people end up leaving a lot behind even though the serving size is small.

Overall, a nice place to have a filling meal. Just take care of the timings, as thaalis are available at only certain times. Other times, they have a rather limited menu of things like khichdi, chole bhature (surprisingly), tea and a few other things.


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