Spices Of Delhi : Ashok & Ashok

2019-08-03T11:21:51+00:00 Blog, Restaurant, Reviews, Videos| This video features Ashok and Ashok in Sadar Bazaar. This shop was started in 1984 by two friends, both named Ashok. It was started as a fun activity and not as a serious commercial business. The shop became so popular that even today people from all over Delhi come to taste their food. The [...]

Spices Of Delhi : Introductory Video

2019-08-03T12:29:23+00:00 Blog, Restaurant, Reviews, Videos| Spices of Delhi is a documentary series which attempts to explore the people and places behind the culinary culture of Delhi city. In these videos, we will visit some of the best food joints in Delhi, not just limited to restaurants or some of the more famous street food places. We’ll explore not just [...]

Durga Puja Food Walk 2018

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We are all well aware of the ‘pujo’ craze that engulfs all Bengali families for months prior to and after the week-long celebrations of Durga Puja. With Durga Puja kicking off, there is no better time to visit this mini-Kolkata of South Delhi, where you can pay homage to the goddess as well as to Bengali cuisine. And if [...]

Top 5 Food Delivery Apps in India

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In Mumbai, the ‘dabbawalas’ are known for delivering home-cooked meals on wheels that are prepared by their wife or mother to be delivered to their family’s office or school daily, rain or shine. A reliable US news portal said it’s the most common mode of food delivery in the country, and it guarantees healthy and [...]

Recipe : Paneer Curry

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Paneer Curry Recipe The ordinary cottage cheese is called Paneer. This dish is famous all over India for it amazing taste. Though originally a North Indian dish, the entire country enjoys this dish today. Follow the ingredients: Around 200 g of Paneer. Around 2 cups of tomato puree. Around ½ teaspoon of cumin seeds. Around [...]

Recipe: Paalak Paneer

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Palak Paneer Recipe Paalak Paneer India is known for its spices and herbs. Every Indian dish has the charismatic aura. Every part of country has its own unfolding story. But the North Indian vegetarian Palak Paneer recipe has its own zeal and extravaganza of tangy taste. Ingredients Required Palak -2 Bunch Tomatoes- 2 Large Ginger [...]

Recipe: Halwa Puri

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Poori Halwa Recipe The taste of Halwa will make you experience the aura of Indian Culture. In every ethnic occasion Halwa is served as mark of respect to the ancient tradition. The soft delicacy easily pleases every age group with its mesmerizing taste. Ingredients For Halwa Rava- 1 Cup (semolina) Sugar- 1 Cup Milk- 1 [...]