Terms and Conditions

  1. No contract between the company and the guest will be applicable till the deposit has been paid and following terms and conditions accepted.
  2. Clients are accepted on the understanding that they appreciate the risks in travel which may include injury, sickness, theft or death and that the clients undertake the tours at their own risk. Travel insurance is highly recommended for each tour.
  3. We try to keep these tours as safe as possible for everyone, but we can’t be held responsible if someone falls sick directly or indirectly due to any activity or food or drink consumed during the tour.
  4. Please let us know of any allergies and intolerances well in advance and we will try to do our best to make it work for you.
  5. Information presented on our website and emails are true to best of our knowledge. But some points of the tour like activities, duration, places may change without further notice due to reasons beyond our control. We inform the guests of any such changes as soon as possible.
  6. If the guests have any complaint or want to change anything, they must tell the group leader first as soon as possible.
  7. We make a point to listen to our guests but the decisions made by tour leaders will be final in all matters
  8. A  deposit fee of minimum 50 % of total cost of tour is required when confirming a booking.  Should the client fail to make the payment, their slot may be allotted to the next guest.
  9. If the booking is made by 3rd party platforms like Viator, their cancellation charges and other costs will be applicable which we cannot control.
  10. Tour costs are calculated according to prevailing prices at the time of designing the itinerary. Company will not be held responsible for any changes beyond it’s control.
  11. In case of underbooking, some aspects of the tour maybe changed.

Any cancellations made by a client must be done before certain dates. The cancellation charge, if any will depend upon the date the company receives the request from client. If the booking is done via some 3rd party platform like Viator, then terms and conditions mentioned there will be applicable.
General charges applicable in the event of a cancellation shall be as follows from the day of closing booking:

  • Cancellation charges  11 days or more before last booking date : 10%
  • 10-4 days: 25%
  • Any cancellation after that isn’t eligible for refund.

Cancellation charges for multi-day tours are mentioned while booking the tours and can be different from the details mentioned here. These details will be provided by the company before tours are booked in such a case.

Indian Food Tour Guidelines:
Following is a simple list of instructions which can help us serve you better during the food tour and other services offered on this website. Please read them before starting you book any service:

  1. Some Indian food dishes can be spicy. If you prefer non-spicier versions, then please let us know. It can be customised.
  2. We strongly recommend that you skip the a meal before starting the tour. If you absolutely have to eat, then have a very light snack. For example, skip lunch for an evening tour.
  3.  During every food tour, we provide our guests with bottled water, wipes, hand sanitizer and tissues. So you do not need to carry them with you.
  4.  Please carry all your medications with you and let us know of any existing medical condition like allergies and dietary preferences in advance.

If you need some more information, feel free to contact us on info@foodtourindelhi.com or use the contact form.