Learn To Cook From A Chef

Food Tour in Delhi’s cooking classes teach the secrets of Indian cooking in a fun and informative way. These classes are led by local chefs and teach a few basic as well as a few advanced Indian cooking techniques. In these cooking classes, you’ll learn the very basics as well as some of more advanced cooking secrets and techniques which make Indian cuisine so rich and delicious. These cooking classes teach everything from simple chaat to advanced dishes like chicken tikka masala. The guests also receive a special gift hamper which contains some very special ingredients which are used in almost every Indian kitchen. These will help you enhance the taste of your own cooking too.

Types of cooking classes offered:

Our aim is to provide the maximum possible amount of knowledge in shortest time.We don’t believe in running classes according to a set schedule. But just to make things easier for people who are not very familiar with Indian food, we offer following different types of classes. Please note that, these are meant only as guidelines and the guests can pick and choose any dish that they’d like to learn to cook in any type of class.The number of dishes covered is limited only by time and expertise of guests. Custom cooking classes are arranged on request.

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1. Half day Indian Cooking Class

his cooking class is perfect to learn enough details to cook a multi-course Indian meal with snacks, desserts, 4-6 options for more course and some thing to drink alongside. It will teach you enough to cook a great Indian meal for yourself or a small group of family and friends.

Duration : 5-6 hours
Indian food dishes covered:

  • Snacks: pakora
  • 1-2 Chutneys (dhaniya -pudina)
  • Masala chai
  • 1 daal (lentil), 2-3 vegetables
  • Rice / Pulaao
  • Indian breads: roti & paranthaa
  • Dessert: halwa
  • 1-2 Drinks : Lassi, Chaach

Cost: INR 7500 for single guest. INR 6500 per person for 2 or more slots.

Booking:  Book a cooking class online here or do a Offline Booking by contact form.

2. Full day Indian cooking class

This cooking class will teach you to cook multi-course Indian meals with multiple options to suit different moods and preferences. If you wish to cook Indian food regularly, then this is a great choice.

Duration: 8-9 hours
Indian food dishes covered:

  • Snacks: pakora (assorted), samosa
  • 2-3 Chutneys
  • Masala chai
  • 1-2 daals (lentil), 3-4 vegetables
  • Raita
  • Rice / Pulaao
  • 3-4 Indian breads: roti,  paranthas
  • Desserts: halwa, kheer
  • 1-3 Drinks: Lassi, Chaach, Aam panna, Sharbat

Cost: INR 12000 per guest. INR 9500 per person for 2 or more slots.

Booking:  Book a cooking class online here or do a Offline Booking by contact form.

1. Non-Vegetarian Indian Dishes
Some non-vegetarian dishes can be added to a cooking class at the following prices:

  • Meat curries like Mutton curry, Butter chicken etc for Rs 1500 for 2 dishes.
  • Barbeque dishes like kababs and tikkas for Rs 1800 for 2 dishes.

2. Special Vegetarian or Vegan Cooking Classes
As a very large number of people in India are vegetarians, it’s the perfect place to learn how to cook a delightful vegetarian meal. Guests can choose to learn secrets of Indian vegetarian (or vegan) cooking techniques in special culinary classes. These classes teach how to cook Indian food without any ingredient sourced from animals like eggs, meat etc.

3. Transport

Location of cooking class is in Dwarka Sector 22 (Close to Dwarka Sector 21 Metro Station). Pickup and drop from most places in Delhi NCR can be arranged on request

4. Optional Addons:
More services like heena tattoos, saaree draping and shopping can be arranged on request.

Features of every Indian cooking class:

  • Stay with a typical Indian family. Cook and eat like a family member instead of a guest.
  • Class guided by a professional chef as well as the family you are visiting.
  • Emphasis on Indian vegetarian food.
  • Small and exclusive groups.
  • Includes meals, snacks, tea for whole duration of class.
    • A gift hamper of some of the best spices and recipe list for further practice back home
    • A detailed introduction to usage of some useful spices by chef.
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