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Delhi Pub Crawls

New Delhi Pub Crawls
A lot of tourists want to enjoy the nightlife of New Delhi but are unsure how to do so. Sure one can visit a few bars after getting recommendations from locals or reading up on internet, but the best watering holes are more or less hidden and not as famous as some of the bigger bars. In order to help travelers who love the nightlife but are short on time to explore everything by themselves, we offer pub crawls which include some of the best bars and pubs in New Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida.  All bars/pubs included in our bar hopping tours are carefully selected in accordance with their atmosphere, quality of drinks, food, location and fun factor. These pub crawls are a great way to meet new people, enjoy some great drinks and do it all in a fun and safe way.

During a normal session of pub crawling, we visit an average of 3-4 bars and have 1 complimentary drink from each place. Apart from drinking, there are fun games, little contests, live music and a lot of fun stuff to make the night lively and interesting. These pub crawls are organised in Connaught Place, Hauz Khas and Cyber City.

The cost for a single ticket is INR 2000. Discounts on bulk purchases are available. Cost includes the following:

  1. One welcome drink at each bar
  2. Free club entries and drinking games.
  3. Certain accessories like wrist bands, badges, bandanas, t-shirts, scarves etc which may differ for each group.
  4. Discounts and coupons for various bars, restaurants and other services.



  1.  Minimum age of drinking in New Delhi is 25.
  2.  Usage of drugs and other illegal substances is not condoned and we can’t be held responsible for anything related to that.
  3. We hold the right to exclude anyone from the pub crawl, stop supplying more drinks or ban from future events, according to our discretion at any time.
  4. It’s not necessary that you drink everywhere. If you are a teetotaler and like to enjoy the night with friends, you are welcome.
  5. Drunk driving is not allowed. Discount coupons for taxi services are provided (subject to availability) in addition to optional pickup and drop service.
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