Tea Tasting

y visit to India is incomplete without tasting it’s teas. Food Tour In Delhi’s tea tasting tour is a highly acclaimed and professionally run activity that has won numerous fans worldwide. Our guests get to taste some rare and exquisite teas fresh off the tea plantations. The teas are sourced from the best run tea plantations spread all over India, each with it’s unique characteristics.

The tea sessions are led by a master tea tasters who have long experience in tea tasting and creating exquisite spice blends. During each tea tasting sessions, the guests have the chance to taste 5-10 different types of teas depending up on duration of session chosen. Attending such a tea tasting session enables the guests to develop their palette and learn to appreciate numerous different factors like fragrance, strength, colour, flavors, after taste and various other nuances which make each quality tea an unique experience. Before beginning each tea tasting session, guests are give a detailed introduction about different aspects of tea related to it’s production, types, finer nuances and such. After the session is over, we provide each of our guests with a small gift hamper of some selected teas.

Following are some details for tea tasting session:

  1. Duration: 1 hours approx.
  2. Varieties of tea tasted : 5-8.
  3. Cost of 1 hour session per guest: INR 3500
    When booked with Food Tour (Full Day or Half Day): INR 2000
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