This video features Ashok and Ashok in Sadar Bazaar. This shop was started in 1984 by two friends, both named Ashok. It was started as a fun activity and not as a serious commercial business. The shop became so popular that even today people from all over Delhi come to taste their food. The shop is now operated by the wife of one of the owners and her daughter-in-law.

Ashok and Ashok has always been famous for its mutton keema. The keema is served only on two days a week; Wednesday and Saturday and is prepared in pure desi ghee(clarified butter). In addition to that, they give free unlimited chapatis to all the customers having their curries at the shop itself. It is quite popular for its chicken curry and mutton keema. The recipes used to cook the meat has been the same ever since the beginning and it has been kept as a family secret. Another interesting aspect about the restaurant is that the meat is heated right in front of your eyes on the coal oven.

The dishes take up to 5 hours to cook and are most enjoyed in winters. The shop is generally open from 1 to 3 pm and they do take prior booking for their mutton keema before 11:30 pm of that day. This legendary shop has stood the stills of time and is still going strong with their unique flavours.

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