We are all well aware of the ‘pujo’ craze that engulfs all Bengali families for months prior to and after the week-long celebrations of Durga Puja. With Durga Puja kicking off, there is no better time to visit this mini-Kolkata of South Delhi, where you can pay homage to the goddess as well as to Bengali cuisine. And if you think that all you’ll find are sandesh and fish dishes, you are in for a surprise.

This year, you don’t have to be worried about missing out on all the Pujo fun. Food Tour In Delhi is bringing a special Food and Photo walk in CR park on 15th October.

This “pujo” in CR park is a very nice example of a concoction of two different cultures. Of how dishes from Kolkata have evolved in Delhi and adopted some local flavours in a new distant city.

An Exploratory Journey Of CR Park
This walk is specially designed for people who love the Pujo fervour and Bengali food but don’t know how to explore it by themselves. Join Chef Rajeev Goyal who will give you a balance of food and photo opportunities across these beautiful pandals. The participants can savour dishes like mutton cutlet, mishthi dohi, sandesh, ghugnee, Kolkata kathi roll and quite a few others prepared in authentic Bengali style.

From final touches by artisans on 20 feet-high Durga idols & the gigantic ‘CR Park Puja Pandals’ you will get to see the magic at work. The walk will be an opportunity to immerse oneself in the ‘Bangla Culture’ with pandal hopping and eating all the goodness from Bengal.

Find yourself among the right kind of people to hang out with on this walk. Prepare to unleash the foodie and culture connoisseur within you !

Pictures from the Food Walk at CR Park’s Durga Puja Pandal and coverage in Hindustan Times paper.

Durga Puja Food Walk on Hindustan Times