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  • Old Delhi food tour old delhi food tour

    Old Delhi Food Tour

    4,500.00 INR
    A popular food tour for tourists who want only the authentic Old Delhi experience. Spend your time in streets and bazaars of Old Delhi tasting some of best street food in the city.
    • Average Duration: 4 Hours.
    • Number of food dishes included: 14-17 dishes from 7-9 food joints. Equal to a meal plus snacks.
    • Cost:  INR 4000 per ticket on purchase of 2 or more. INR 4500 for solo guest.
    • Places visited: Chawari Bazar, Chandni Chowk, Spice Market, Kucha Pati Ram, Kinari Bazar, Khari Baoli (All in Old Delhi)
    • Meeting point: Chawari Bazaar Metro Station. Near ticket machine on Gate 2,3.
    • Add pickup and drop
  • Old Delhi food walks with chef Old Delhi food tour with chef
    Ask a chef to lead your food tour in Old Delhi. This food tour is best for tasting the best of Indian food and learning quite a bit about in a short period of time.
    • Duration: 4+ Hours.
    • Number of food dishes: 14-18 dishes from 7-9 food joints from Old Delhi
    • Food Type : Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food (optional).
    • Cost:  INR 5000 per ticket.
    • Meeting point: Chawari Bazaar Metro Station. Near ticket machine on Gate 2,3. Add pickup and drop
  • quick street food walk

    Quick Street Food Walk

    2,800.00 INR
    • Average Duration: 2 Hours approx.
    • Number of food dishes included: 11-14 dishes from 6-8 food joints. All snacks and desserts equivalent to one meal.
    • Cost: INR 2800 per guest. Minimum 4 guests.
    • Places visited: Chawari Bazar and a few other streets in Old Delhi
    • Meetup point: Ticket counter near Gate number 2 of Chawari Bazaar Metro station. If coming by car, then gate number 5 of Jama Masjid. Add pickup and drop
    • Schedule: Not available on Sunday.
    Contact us directly to book this food walk.