Bhogal Chole Bhature Waley was started in 1962 by Late Ram Bharose and has now become a popular food joint amongst the office goers of Connaught Place. The place is famous for its unique style of preparation of chickpeas. They serve the chickpeas(chhole) with koftas and sweet potato chutney. The koftas are made of sponge gourd and spinach. The shop also serves freshly made mango pickle, when they run out of sweet potato chutney or when it is offseason.

This shop takes pride in the chhole bhaturas and the matar kulchas that they serve. The staff has been the same for the past 40+ years. An interesting aspect of the shop is that they serve the food items in traditional utensils made out of leaves. Be it kulchas, bhaturas, chawal(rice) or chhole, all are served traditional style. The shop never compromises on quality and prepares every single item fresh daily. They have got customers from outside Delhi also. The shop is open till 5pm in the evening but they are usually sold out by 3pm. The series Spices of Delhi took us to Bhogal Chhole bhaturas to tell about the unique speciality of their chhole and how daily for the past so many years they have been able to constantly keep the same taste.

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